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Many people don’t think about 811 or getting underground utility lines marked until it’s too late. By too late, we mean a project involving digging has begun and a utility line has been damaged in the process. By most people, we mean the 74% of Texans who don’t know EVERY DIG COUNTS. Damaging underground utility lines can cause unwanted outages, fines and repair costs.

Texas811 is the liaison between the billions of dollars of underground utility lines and pipelines and the people working and living around them. Connecting with 811 prior to digging projects will reduce the chances of damaging an underground utility line to less than 1%.


The process is fast, easy, free and most importantly IT’S THE LAW!


Step 1:

Submit your request for line markings by dialing 8-1-1 from your phone or by submitting your request online.


Step 2:

Wait the two-business days for the utility companies to mark the work area


Step 3:
Check the worksite for markings or check for Positive Responses.

​   a. See Color Code HERE


Step 4:
Respect the markings 

  • Dig within the original requested work area. If work needs to take place outside of that area, you must submit additional locate requests

  • Be aware that each utility operator may have different precautions when digging around their lines


Step 5:
Dig safely 

  • It is the responsibility of the person digging to avoid damaging marked lines.

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