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What to Expect

When You Contact              

There are two ways to contact Texas811 to request a ticket to have your lines marked.  Both methods are free of charge to you.

By phone at 811.

Listen carefully to the recorded message,

many of your requests can be handled through the automated system before you reach a Damage Prevention Agent.

portal trans-symbol only.png

By using our Online Ticket Entry System, The Portal, which is available from the button on the top navigation bar or

If you are a homeowner, you can use the online Homeowner Portal.

The Portal is a program that walks homeowners through the process step-by-step program.

What You Will Receive From Texas811

Your ticket number:  

This number is your proof that you have contacted Texas811 and requested a locate for your work location/site.  You should keep it until the project has been completed.  You will need to provide it whenever you contact Texas811 about this project.

An email copy of your ticket containing a list of all utilities that have facilities in your area, if you have provided an email address.

After the Call to 811