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The Texas811 Difference

We believe the prime indicator of our value and member service is the more than 1,700 utility companies and municipalities in Texas who trust us with their damage prevention and one-call notifications when they have a choice.

Texas811 is the largest one-call notification center in the country.  In 2017, we processed nearly three million inbound requests and sent out over 16 million outbound notifications.

Texas811 is the preferred notification center by excavators in Texas.  80% of all new locate requests originate with Texas811.  Why do excavators prefer Texas811?  They tell us they trust Texas811 to capture all relevant ticket information, they are not rushed off the phone, our technology is user-friendly and our customer service is preferable.

Texas811 is passionate about using new technology to meet the challenges our members’ face.  Advanced technology is at the heart of the applications we have developed to save our members money on their overall locating expenses.  Contact Member Relations for additional information.

Texas811 is a leader in Spanish-based 811 services.  We understand the importance of serving the Spanish speaking population in Texas.  More than 35% of Texans prefer speaking a language other than English in their homes, and 50% of construction workers are Hispanic. This population plays a huge role in keeping all of Texas safe.


We currently have over 40 bilingual agents and are active in Hispanic Contractors Associations across the state.  By implementing our Spanish outreach program, we achieved a 56% increase in Spanish locate requests in a single year.  The majority of this increase came from users new to the 811 process.

Texas811 is a secure 811 provider.  Our redundancies and Uptime Institute Tier 4 equivalent data center ensures that reception/processing tickets are transmitted to utility members 24/7/365.

Texas811 is a founder of Progressive Partnering, Inc., which developed GeoCall©, advanced software for the operation of one-call notification centers.  GeoCall is used by 13 one-call notification centers which collectively process approximately 30% of all one-call notifications in the country.

Texas811 follows best practices in all of our operations.  The Common Ground Alliance recommends one-call notification centers be governed by stakeholders representing all utility groups. Texas811’s Board of Directors is comprised of individuals representing all facility types and an excavation company.  Our Board helps shape the strategic direction of our organization and how we do business.

In 2008, Texas811 began a major initiative to revitalize and create new damage prevention councils.  By 2011, we have formed 23 Damage Prevention Councils which were meeting on a continual basis.  In 2014, we decided to spin-off the DPCs and create a 501(c)3 corporation, The Damage Prevention Councils of Texas.  The President and Board members of the DPCs of Texas are Texas811 employees who volunteer their time to lead and add value to the regularly scheduled meetings.  Click here for additional information on the Damage Prevention Councils of Texas.