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Services Available


Texas811 operates the largest one-call notification center in the country. In 2017, Texas811 processed more than 3 million inbound requests resulting in more than 16 million outbound notifications.

For additional information, contact Member Services.

Spanish Language Services

Texas811 is a leader in Spanish-based 811 services.  We currently have over 40 bilingual agents and are active in the Spanish-speaking community.  Two of our Damage Prevention Managers are fluent in Spanish.  Much of our printed material is available in Spanish, as well as a Spanish Facebook page and web pages.  By implementing our Spanish outreach program, we achieved a 56% increase in Spanish locate requests in a single year.  Texas811 does not, and will never, outsource our Spanish services. 

Customized Solutions

Texas811 has been actively looking at what comes next.  We’ve seen the one-call industry develop in marvelous ways over the past 30+ years and we’ve spent a lot of time and resources to improve the process and save our members money on their overall locating expenses.

Customized Solutions cost saving and damage prevention programs include:


  • Secondary Research (Ticket Screening) reduces the number of “No Conflict” tickets sent to locators avoiding unnecessary locator expense.

  • Update Filtering reduces the number of Update tickets sent to locators when the line markings are still visible.

  • Damage Reduction through Analytics uses historical data to predetermine the risk of damages from a specific notification and enables intervention before damages occur.


For additional information, contact Member Services.

Damage Prevention

The one-call notification industry grew out of a need to protect underground utility facilities from accidental damage.  Texas811 considers our Damage Prevention Outreach and Education programs an integral part of the same objective.

For additional information, contact our Damage Prevention Managers.