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What type of product formulas can you create?

We specialize in several segments of the Health & Beauty industry. Amongst those are hair care, skin care, over the counter, topical pharmaceutical, 100% all natural, certified organic, pet, household, and industrial. Find a more detailed list on the Services Page.

If I get my formula developed by your company do I have full ownership of that formula?

Yes. Our clients have 100% full ownership of their formula once the formulation stage has been completed and paid in full.

Do I have ownership of a stock formula after buying it?

Yes! You simply have to the your formula to a manufacturer to get it made.

Can I have a completely organic or all natural formula?

Yes. We can make your formula completely organic or all natural.

Can I have a fully vegan and/ or cruelty free formula?

Yes. We can make your formula completely vegan and/ or cruelty free.

Can my formula be gluten free?

Yes, we can create gluten free formulas.

Can you create over-the-counter formulas?

Yes, we can create over the counter formulas such as sunscreen or acne treatment.

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