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Portal Plus for Members

Self-service options are available for Texas811 members through our online Portal.  Members have the ability to perform advanced ticket searches, print tickets and respond to excavator requests for locates.

portal plus.png


Features solely available to Members include:

Advanced Ticket Searches

Portal Plus for Members saves and stores all locate tickets in our digital database, giving you a complete and accurate record of all locate tickets submitted.  Locate tickets and their history are easily searched using our newly available parameters, saving your company time by narrowing your search results.

Search options include searching by date or date range, ticket number or code.

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Custom Reporting

Members can configure and request reports in custom formats.

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Positive Response

Eliminate unnecessary No Responses easily by using Positive Response. 


Members have the capability of responding back to the one-call center with one click.  This feature has the ability to interact with multiple ticket management systems.



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Print Tickets

Print tickets easily for your records or internal locators.  Printed tickets display all contact and work site information and other Texas811 utility members notified in the area.