Guidelines for Third-Party Usage of

Texas811 Logo

  • Logo can only be used in its original format; it cannot be altered in any way.

    • The registered trademark should always be visible.

    • If the logo is resized, the original proportions must be maintained.

  • Logo is to be used for co-branded material, that is using Texas811 logo in conjunction with third-party logo.

  • Texas811 logo cannot be used by a third party when their logo is not present.

  • All efforts must be made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the material that carries the Texas811 logo.

    • It is expressly forbidden to use the Texas811 logo in any way to convey something that is not completely accurate.

    • Business standards for correct grammar and spelling must be followed.

  • Texas811 or its employees cannot be quoted in printed material without prior authorization by the Texas811 Communications Department.

  • Questions about the correct usage of the Texas811 logo should be addressed to the Director of Marketing Communications,, 972-280-8791

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Hand Tools

can damage gas lines.

More than 80% of "no call" damages involving hand tools damaged gas facilities.