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To check for offshore infrastructure, call 1-888-910-4853


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An underwater shield for your offshore interests.

When you need to know where subsurface infrastructure is located in the Gulf of Mexico, call GulfSafe.

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GulfSafe's goal is simple – to eliminate preventable damages to subsurface infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico and Straits of Florida.

GulfSafe is the only one-call notification system for infrastructure in offshore waters. Our extensive database keeps mariners and contractors in the Gulf of Mexico and Straits of Florida informed of the locations of pipeline, telecommunications lines, solar sensors and other fragile connections. Just like any 811 call on land, GulfSafe notifies you when work is being done around your lines, allowing you to have a representative onsite when work commences.

GulfSafe is low-cost protection against costly repairs or catastrophes that can disrupt projects – or worse, cause irreparable damage to the environment, your company, your employees and your reputation.

GulfSafe is a seamless system between state and federal waters that functions in all state waters as well as the Outer Continental Shelf. It can process near shore calls to 811 from state one-call centers along the coast and process those requests into GulfSafe.

Just one call to GulfSafe can prevent millions of dollars in costly repairs, clean-up and lawsuits and protect your company’s reputation.

The price for GulfSafe membership varies on the area of coverage or footprint of a utility company.

However, like traditional onshore one-call centers, the cost of a locate request to GulfSafe is free.

Contact Us

To check for offshore infrastructure, call 1-888-910-4853


Chris Stovall


(972) 280-8799


Sandoval Garcia


(972) 280-8795



For Mapping assistance please contact our GIS Department.

GulfSafe Members
  • Chevron Pipeline Company

  • Denbury Green Pipeline

  • ExxonMobil Pipeline

  • Shell Pipeline

  • Targa Resources