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Excavator Responsibilities


An Excavator is responsible for:


  • Requesting the one-call ticket; it is not your client’s responsibility.

  • Immediately reporting the damage or exposure of any underground utility to the one-call center.  If a gas line has been hit or damaged, you must also call 911.

  • Knowing and following the tolerance zones for digging around the locators’ markers.  

  • Providing your client with the appropriate ticket number prior to beginning work.

  • Requesting a line locate at least two business days, excluding weekends and holidays, before beginning work.

  • Providing accurate driving directions with distances and cardinal headings (North, South, East, West) when working in rural areas.

  • Confirming the response of the notified utilities before proceeding with any excavation.

  • Notifying the one-call center after determining that one or more utilities have not responded to a locate request.

  • Looking for utility signage at your work site and obeying instructions on those signs.

  • Following safe digging practices and maintaining equipment condition to ensure safety standards.

  • Look over the Pre-Excavation Checklist

  • Read the Texas811 Excavator Guide with Ch 18 and Ch 251.