The Enhanced Ticket enables Texas811 to request additional information to assist locators in getting to job sites quickly and marking work-sites accurately.
This information assists utility members in determining how to respond to each excavation.
This information assists locators in:
  • Getting to job sites quickly

  • Marking work sites accurately

The Enhanced Ticket benefits for stakeholders:

Enhanced Ticket

What's New?

The Interactive link provides:

Access to the work area map as marked by the contact center

Driving directions from your current location to the work site

Excavator provided attachments like maps & photos

Two new questions are required to process your locate request.


The types of equipment that will be used in the excavation.


Detailed instructions on where the work will take place on the property.


"“Please locate the entire property” is only sufficient for residential or other small properties. Locators need as much detail as the excavator can provide.

For Portal users, there are some changes to the layout on the screen. 

Additional information on Emergency Tickets

In addition to the new information on DigUp tickets, these questions are added to Emergency tickets.

  1. Status/location of the repair crew

  2. Status of utility service to customers

  3. Additional information about the status of the emergency site (for instance, is water visible).

Additional Information

on DigUp Tickets

Additional information about DigUps to assist both locators and utility companies.​​

Optional Risk Score

Texas811 offers an optional service that calculates a real-time Risk Assessment Score based on historical data.  It is reported in these fields. 

Receipt of Positive Response

Allows excavators to indicate the way they prefer to receive positive response information.

Directional Boring

Some utility companies prefer to have a representative on site when an excavator is boring near their underground facilities.

Additional Information

This field can be used in various ways.  For example, if a gate code is required, or if you need to alert the locator to a dog in the yard, this is the place for that information.  An excavator could include a job number. Subdivision names are very helpful for work being done in undeveloped or newly developed areas.

Driving Directions

(formerly included

in Remarks)

If a specific address of the work-site has not been provided, please provide directions from a known intersection including distances and which direction to turn in cardinal directions.


GPS (formerly included

in Remarks)

GPS can be entered in multiple formats. Excavator can enter and label multiple sets of coordinates. Type of device indicates the accuracy of the coordinates.

Length and Depth of

work site

Helps utility companies precisely determine how much risk each excavation poses to their underground facilities.

Ability to upload maps

and photos

Feature is available for tickets created on the Portal.  Callers may add attachments to a processed ticket through the Portal.

If you are having difficulty receiving the new ticket, please contact

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Hand Tools

can damage gas lines.

More than 80% of "no call" damages involving hand tools damaged gas facilities.

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