Customized Solutions

The Next Generation of Damage Prevention™

Texas811 Customized Solutions are The Next Generation of Damage Prevention™; one-call and damage prevention services that move beyond a one-size fits all solution for all utility members into customized solutions specialized for each utility member. Customized Solutions are technological enhancements that go beyond what is commonly offered in the one-call industry. Advanced applications allow Texas811 to provide each utility member specialized services. With these services, we become true partners in damage prevention with our utility members.

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Secondary Research

Save Money on Your Overall Locating Expenses

Utility companies spend up to 40% of their
locating budgets on notices that are marked
“Cleared” or “No Conflict” by the locator at the
worksite. Often these locates could be cleared
with more research at the notification center
before being sent to locators.
Using proprietary software developed at
Texas811, specially trained Damage
Prevention Analysts are able to determine
if a worksite can be cleared. For example,
a worksite can be “cleared” when work is
planned in the alley and the utility lines are
in the front of the property.
Savings will vary based on the number of
locates a utility receives a month and the
preciseness of their underground facility
mapping. Savings have been very impressive.
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Update Filtering

Excavators request Updates for two reasons:
they want to extend the life of the ticket or
the lines are no longer visible and need to be
remarked. Unless you are an oil and gas utility,
you are not required to respond to a ticket that
is Updated only to extend the life of a ticket.
Update Filtering captures when an excavator
says they are requesting an Update to extend
the life of the ticket, but they do not need the
lines to be remarked. This gives the member
the option of not going back to the worksite
when the excavator says the lines are still
visible and saving the associated locating
All update tickets that do not include “to
extend the life of the ticket only” will be
handled normally.





  • Q:
    Can anyone request a ticket search?
    • Information regarding the locate ticket will only be released to the individual representing the company that requested the ticket.

  • Q:
    I have a question about the law.
    • Please visit damage prevention laws for all questions pertaining to the law. If you need additional assistance please email and we will assist you as much as possible.