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11880 Greenville Ave Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75243
(800) 344-8377

If you are attempting to call in a locate request please dial "811".
The best time to reach our Damage Prevention Agents over the phone is on Friday mornings after 7am.

If you would like to contact Texas811 directly to submit a locate request online, please try one of the following options:

  1. The Portal
  2. Homeowner Portal

For more information on how to use The Portal to submit locate requests online, please contact the Remote Apps Department at

The Texas811 staff is available to assist you, should you have a question or comment. Please click HERE for a list of employees and contact information.

  • Q:
    Can anyone request a ticket search?
    • Information regarding the locate ticket will only be released to the individual representing the company that requested the ticket.

  • Q:
    I have a question about the law.
    • Please visit damage prevention laws for all questions pertaining to the law. If you need additional assistance please email and we will assist you as much as possible.