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August 11 is National 811 Day. 811 is the number you call for FREE from coast to coast in the United States to get underground pipelines and cables marked. August 11 is a reminder for everyone to Know What’s Below before beginning any projects that involve digging.

In Texas, the law requires you to dial 811 or contact www.Texas811.org two-business days before any digging project, whether you’re planting a tree or building a skyscraper. The utility companies will send locators to your home or worksite to mark (with paint and/or flags) where the underground utilities are so you can safely dig without hitting one. The call and getting your lines located are a free service.

There are more than 7,000,000 miles of underground utilities buried in Texas. There are probably some under where you are right now. The only way to know, and to be able to dig without hitting them, is to get the lines marked before beginning your project.

Don’t be shocked by what’s underground.  Make that free call to 811 and know that you can dig safely.